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Wireless Sensor Network

PC/104 Modules

Advantech PC/104 industrial communication boards, PCM -3700 series, featuring Ethernet, RS-232 or RS-422/485 ports, are designed for communication applications that require good reliability and ease-of-use. These boards can be applied into embedded multi-port applications.

  • PCM-3718H


    100 kS/s, 12-bit, 16-ch Multifunction Module

  • PCM-3718HG


    100 kS/s, 12-bit, 16-ch Multifunction Module with High Gain

  • PCM-3718HO


    PCM-3718HO is a fully multifunctional card with PC/104 interface, 16 analog inputs, one analog output, two 8-bit digital I/O channels, and a free counter function. Such a broad range of functions available in a single PC/104 card is a significant breakthrough, and will be appreciated by embedded systems developers with ...

  • PCM-3724


    The PCM-3724 is a PC/104 standard DIO module which attaches to the piggyback connector on your CPU card or PC/104 CPU module. The PCM-3724's two intel 8255 PPI compatiable chips provide 48 bits of parallel digital input/out.

  • PCM-3725


    The PCM-3725 is a 8-ch relay actuator and 8-ch isolated digital input module that attaches to the PC/104 connector on your CPU card or PC/104 module. It offer eight relay actuators and 8-bit isolated digital input channels.

  • PCM-3730


    16-ch Isolated Digital I/O PC/104 Module

  • PCM-3730I


    With onboard 32-ch isolated digital I/O and support for high-voltage isolation (2,500 VDC) on each input/output channel, the PCM-3730I can resist noise interference and delivers reliable performance. Additionally 32-ch isolation ensures accurate input/output data values while also allowing the system to simultaneously ...

  • PCM-3753I


    PCM-3753I is a 96-bit digital I/O card for the PC-104 Plus bus. The card emulates mode 0 of the 8255 PPI chip, but the buffered circuits offer a higher driving capability than the 8255. The 96 I/O lines are divided into twelve 8-bit I/O ports: A0, B0, C0, A1, B1, C1, A2, B2, C2, A3, B3 and C3. You can configure each port ...

  • PCM-3761I


    PCM-3761I, an 8-ch Relay and 8-ch Isolated Digital Input PCI-104 card, not only features 8 Form C type relay channels and 8 channels of digital input with isolated protection, but also delivers reliable operation and the fast new PCI-104 form factor for machine and production automation purposes.

  • PCM-3780


    2-ch Counter/Timer with 24-ch DI/O PC/104 Module

  • PCM-3810I


    PCM-3810I is Advantech’s first multifunction PCI-104 module and integrates digital I/O, analog I/O, and counter functions in one small module for various embedded system applications, eliminating costs and saving space. To meet demanding task requirements, PCM-3810I possesses the highest sampling rate among all of ...

  • PCM-3813I


    By offering 2500 VDC isolation protection and software programmable gain on each analog input channel, PCM-3813I protects computers and connected peripherals from high voltage damage on the input lines. Moreover, PCM-3813I breaks the traditional limitations of analog input data transmission, providing significantly faster ...

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