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  • Spotlights
【New Product Launch】AIM-65 Industrial-Grade Tablet
A Wide Range of Modularized Peripherals
【New Product Launch】PWS-472 Industrial-Grade Handheld Terminal
Optimizing Factory and Logistics Management
【New Product Launch】DLT-V6210 Rugged, Ergonomic and Affordable Terminal for Warehouse Forklift Applications
Bright display for the operators, Extreme robust PCT touch, Affordable price
【NewProduct Launch】TREK-572 Ultra Compact In-Vehicle Computing Box
The Best Light Duty Solution for Fleet Management
【Automotive Manufacturing】Real Time Parts Tracking for Automotive Manufacturing
【NewProduct Launch】DLT-M8110 The Only Rugged Tablet Design for Warehouse Forklift with Portability
【Mobile Computing】Digital Logistics and Fleet Management Competence in Mobile Computing
【Warehouse Management】Paperless and Error-Free WMS for Improved Efficiency
【Smart Port】Four Zeros to Greater Efficiency in Smart Port
【Logistics】Turn-key Solution Realize Cold Chain Logistics Management
【Fleet Management】Market Proven 7" In-cab Solution for Local Fleet Management
【Logistics】SPAR, Austria
Stability, Flexibility, Ease of Use- Evolution of Austrian In-Vehicle Management & Logistics System
【Warehouse Management】TingTong, China
Tingtong Breaks Through the Efficiency Bottleneck through Digital Logistics
【Automotive Manufacturing】Supply Chain in Automotive Industry
【Automotive Manufacturing】Global Expertise for The Automotive Industry and Suppliers
【Long-Distance Fueling】SetiBT, Brazil
SetiBT Designed Specifically for Managing The Fuel Flow and Delivery Process
【Waste Management】SGF, Peru

Waste Management Solution Enables Accurate Real-Time Data Reports in Lima, Peru

【Heavy Duty】Smart Fleets Improve Safety in Mine Operations
【Mobile Handheld】The Key to Enhance Mobile Worker Management
【Automotive Manufacturing】100% Silicone-Free Industrial Tablet Design for Automotive Manufacturing

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