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Embedded Design-In Solution Day
Not Just A Board. A Total Solution!
Embedded On-Site Solution Day is for embedded application developers. Advantech not only offers a full range of embedded platforms, but also provides a range of specialist design-in services. Advantech plan the modularized courses for choice. Customers can select the suitable topics to compose the on-site seminar or solutions day agenda.

Advantech plan the modularized courses for your choice. You can select the suitable topics to compose your on-site seminar or solution day agenda.

Modularized Courses for Embedded Design-In Services
• Course A: Embedded Computing
• Course B: Intelligent Solutions
• Course C: Design-In Services
• Course D: Peripheral Integration
• Course E: Software Services

Embedded Design-In Professionals
Course A: Embedded Computing
Code Course Subject
EC-A001    New COM 2.0 & iManager
EC-A002    New Form Factors- MIO
EC-A003    Industrial Motherboards
EC-A004    Industrial Servers
EC-A005    Embedded IPCs

Course B: Intelligent Solutions
Code Course Subject
EC-B001    SUSIAccess- Smart Access to Embedded Devices
EC-B002    Emb'Store- On-Demand Services for Embedded Devices
EC-B003    iManager 2.0- Intelligent Management Tool

Course C: Design-In Services
Code Course Subject
EC-C001    Power Circuit Design
EC-C002    Ruggedized Solutions
EC-C003    Board Design-In Services
EC-C004    System Integration Services

Course D: Peripheral Integration
Code Course Subject
EC-D001    Industrial Storage Modules
EC-D002    Embedded Touch Modules
EC-D003    Industrial Display Solutions
EC-D004    Wireless Solutions

Course E: Software Services
Code Course Subject
EC-E001    Windows Embedded XP/CE Solutions
EC-E002    Real-Time OS Solutions
EC-E003    Linux Solutions
EC-E004    Embedded Android Solutions

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